The work of Martina Lavado in enclaves Velika Hoča and Orahovac

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“The Friends of Dečani” is awarded by the prestigious prize “The Noble Enterprise”

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Our promoting partner General Danilo Errico has been nominated Chief of the Army General Staff

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The generosity of Alena and Giovanni in donating their wedding gifts to those in need in Kosmet

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The phrases praising the black caliphate and terrorism, within the Monastery of Decani

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We cannot say to the monks of Kosovo - now you are on your own - and so abandon them to their...

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Providing small economic aid sometimes means providing for the future of those who do not give up hope

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A map of our Association's activities and projects

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A soup kitchen is a popular mean of preparing meals for the poor who do not possess sufficient resources to...

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Šarsko Lane or the Shar Mountain Fawn is a shelter, situated in the Brezovica mountain area.

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