The symbol of the Friends of Dečani Association is "Stefan Kralј", an ornament that adorns a wonderful chandelier, suspended over the nave of the Monastery’s church.

The chandelier was donated by Princess Milica, the wife of Prince Lazar (Serbian leader in the Battle of Kosovo), to the monastic community in 1392. Since then, it has become a powerful symbol that personifies Serbian presence in the region.

More than eighty feet long chains that support the majestic chandelier were forged from the arms of Serbian knights who fought the famous Battle of Kosovo on the 28th of June 1389.

A rectangular part of each chain contains a letter S, written in the Cyrillic alphabet as a C, thus forming the most famous Serbian motto, comprised of four letters S, that reads: Solely Solidarity Saves the Serbs (pron: Samo Sloga Srbina Spasava). Circular parts of each chain contain names of the Serbian noble families who fought for freedom and independence, along with the names of Princess Milica and her children, as well as that of the Holy King Stephen of Dečani, the Monastery’s founder. He has been specifically honored with the inscription Stephen, the King (pron: Stefan Kralj).

Even today, after almost 700 years after it was forged, when marking special occasions, the Dečani chandelier is being turned and rotated by monks in prayer thus enhancing its majestic glory through a dance of light and colours.