Paolo Rumiz

Class 1947, defies all definitions. Journalist, writer, wonderer, reporter, savant, cyclist, hiker, traveler, writes for "la Repubblica" national daily and "Il Piccolo", a local newspaper of Trieste. Always a keen observer of Eastern Europe, he told the tragedy of the Balkans, crisscrossed by wars and humanitarian interventions. His many writings include The Danube, Stories of a New Europe, Masked by a Massacre – Things We Did Not Want To Know About the War in Yugoslavia, East, Three Men Cycling, This Is the East, Jerusalem Lost, The Legend of the Mountaineering Sailors, Hannibal, A journey, the Second Class Italy, Quince From Istanbul, Very Stubborn.

In June 2005, accompanied by Moni Ovadia and Monika Bulaj, he has been introduced to the Dečani Monastery. A love was born … that endures the test of time: "I would like Italians to discover this place of unrivaled sweetness of faith. Dečani is partly theirs since they helped save it in 1941 and again today. Europe is made of places like this, merging Christians of the West and the East. I dream of a long queue of pilgrims crossing from Bari to Montenegro, then crossing its mountains only to descend towards this spot, near the  river, where the tomb of Saint King Stephen sleeps. Dečani is standing on the road to Jerusalem. And it will stay in my heart forever, thank you, dobri prijatelji", reads his entry into the Guest Book of the Monastery of Visoki Dečani.