Paths of Kosovo and Metohija

Direct insight is the best way of trying to understand the beauty and complexity of Kosovo and Metohija. Consequently, our Association organises nine-day journeys from any city in Italy to these beautiful places waiting to be discovered.

A simple and direct journey enables us to visit Medieval Orthodox Christian monasteries, confront ourselves with the reality of Serbian enclaves that will provide us with an intimate insight into lives of the families from the local Serbian community. Furthermore, the trip will also allow us to enjoy lush and luxuriant nature and taste excellent regional food and wine.

The journey begins in the port of Bari where all visitors arrive by special flights. From there, a ship will take to the Albanian port of Durras. A newly constructed motorway makes a minibus trip to Kosovo easy and safe.

Our journey takes us to the following Serbian Orthodox monasteries - Holy Archangels in Prizren, Gračanica, Sokolica, Banjska, Gorioč, Devič, Dečani, Saints Cosmas and Damian in Zočište, and finally to the seat of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch in the town of Peć. Furthermore, we will visit the divided city of Mitrovica and the old merchant town of Prizren, as well as Serbian enclaves of Velika Hoča, Prekovce, Goraždevac, Žač, Osojane and Orahovac.

Lodgings are unusual and varied. We will be staying in small hotels, private homes, monasteries, learning a true lesson in traditional Serbian hospitality.

Basic Programme

Day 1 Saturday

Afternoon departure from any Italian city to the port of Bari

General group meeting prior to boarding a ship for Durras (Albania)

Day 2 Sunday

Arrival to Durras (Albania), minibus trip to Prizren (Kosovo)

Visit to the Saint Archangels’ Monastery in Prizren, lunch in the vicinity

Visit to the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin of Ljeviš

Dinner and lodging with a family in the enclave of Velika Hoča

Day 3 Monday

Visit and breakfast in the soup kitchen in the enclave of Prekovce

Visit to the Gračanica Monastery

Dinner and lodging in a charming hotel in the town of Mitrovica

Day 4 Tuesday

Visit to the Sokolica Monastery

Visit to the Banjska Monastery

Sightseeing at the famous bridge over the river Ibar that divides Mitrovica

Lunch in Mitrovica

Visit to the Devič Monastery

Dinner and lodging in the enclave of Goraždevac

Day 5 Wednesday

Visit to the enclave of Žač

Visit to the Gorioč Monastery

Visit and lunch in the enclave of Osojane

Visit to the Seat of the Serbian Orthodox Patriarch in the town of Peć

Dinner and lodging in the enclave of Goraždevac

Day 6 Thursday

Breakfast in the enclave of Goraždevac

Visit to the Dečani Monastery

Dinner at the Monastery

Lodging in a family home near the enclave of Velika Hoča

Day 7 Friday

Visit to the enclave of Velika Hoča

Visit to the canteen of the Dečani Monastery in Velika Hoča

Lunch in Velika Hoča

Visit to the enclave of Orahovac

Visit to Saint Cosmas and Saint Damien Monastery in Zočište

Dinner and lodging in the enclave of Velika Hoča

Day 8 Saturday

Visit to the city of Prizren (Seminary of Saint Cyril and Saint Methodius, Monastery of Christ the Saviour, Sinan Pasha Mosque, Medieval Fortress)

Lunch near the Monastery of Saint Archangels in Prizren

Transfer to Durras (Albania), boarding a ship to Bari

Day 9 Sunday

Arrival in Bari

Visit to Saint Nicholas Cathedral

Return to the point of departure

Journey Specifics

The purpose of this journey is strictly humanitarian and cultural. Therefore, the organizers operate on a non profit basis, which effectively means that the journey is exclusive for members with shares in the Friends of the Monastery Dečani Association.

The ship voyage, included in the fee, is restricted to the use of deck.

A private minibus with a driver is guaranteed.

You will always be accompanied with an Italian speaking guide.

Double bedrooms are standard for each accommodation.

Drinks, nourishment while traveling by ship and journeys to and from Bari are not included in the fee.

The approximate fee is 450 Euros per person.

A group should include at least 11 persons. In cases of smaller groups, all members must reimburse the difference between the approximate fee and the overall fee for 11 people.

Fees are non-refundable, except in cases of organizational failure.

According to the Decree, issued on September 6, 2005, n. 206, addressing supply of goods and services contracts, please note that the aforementioned is a provisional proposal. The Friends of DečaniAssociation reserves the right to change itinerary during the trip.