Christmas in Kosovo

“The advent of Jesus Christ, Savior of the mankind, must be the pivot of our lives. Trusting in His promise of Salvation, loving other people, be compassionate with the weakest ones, is the only possible way for Justice and Salvation.“ In this way Father Sava, Abbot of the Monastery of Decani and Vice President of our association, made his debut in his Christmas homily. The church was filled with worshipers and visitors, collected in the simplicity of Advent, and it was imbued with the mystical atmosphere that Decani manages to convey. “I would also like to thank all those persons who spend their time and their resources - said Father Sava - to help the people of Kosovo and Metohija. Those are the persons in difficulties, human beings who face poverty, disease and hunger on daily basis. To all the volunteers I express my gratitude, especially to the Italian community which spends years in a tireless work. To all of them, I extend sincere thanks from the Monastery of Decani, and I give my personal blessing.“

Abbot Sava’s words, motivate us to do more, recognizing the high spiritual teaching of the person and the intellectual honesty.

The wonderful Christmas in of Decani, was unfortunately disturbed by what happened in Djakovica, just 20 kilometers from the Monastery.
Two buses from Serbia, full of pilgrims who wanted to spend the Christmas holidays at the local monastery: men, women, children and elderly, were attacked by hundreds of angry protesters, armed with stones and iron bars. Buses were prevented from entering the city, because it was subjected to stone-throwing and there are some slightly injured persons, too.

We have neither the heart nor the inclination to comment on the latest episode of intolerance against Orthodox Christians, agitated by Albanian extremists, we leave the exclusive images of the attack to do so. The only contribution that we would like to transmit from our website, is to encourage reflection, especially on the part of international peacekeeping forces, which increasingly often allude to Kosovo as a completely peaceful place.

We would like that along with the obvious political and economic reasons, which lead to these statements, - when it comes to withdrawal of military forces, the end of the missions or normalization, - were held in mind these images, recorded January 7, 2014, fifteen years after the beginning of the peace mission. In this way, in the future nobody can afford the excuse: “we did not know“, “we did not understand.