Distribution continues

Slowly warehouses occupied with loads of Solidarity transport are more and more empty. Dozens of families are supported with both the food and clothing, together with household items and other products.

Even today in Kosovo, it is not unusual to see homes without servants toilet and in uninhabitable conditions.
All the medical supplies, find their natural place at hospitals and clinics, as we can see in the photo of the discharge in Šilovo.

The work of the Monastery of Decani, in coordinated humanitarian support from the Father Isaija and the Father Petar, tries to give a concrete answer to the needs of people in distress.

To sum up, we are running out of food stocks while we have a quite enough number of clothing.
Soon we'll have to start thinking about a 3.0 Solidarity Transport, to be carried out during the warm season, by defining more rationally articles to load.