The Easter visit

On the occasion of Orthodox Easter, the President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, visited the Monastery of Decani accompanied by the U.S.A. ambassador in Pristina, Tracey Jacobson and the Kosovar Deputy Prime Minister Slobodan Petrovic. The guests reached the monastery at 11 in a beautiful sunny day. Father Sava welcomed them with the monastic community, the German commander of the KFOR January Halbauer and  the Greek ambassador Dimitris Moshopulos who spent the Easter Vigil at the Monastery.

After a brief but intense exchange of greetings at the door of entrance, Father Sava welcomed Mrs. Jahjaga with the traditional greeting in the Albanian language, "Mirdita," to which the President responded in Serbian «Dobro jutro - Good morning", they went to visit the Church of the Ascension of Christ, enjoying the wonderful works of art that adorn it.

"We are working to improve the life conditions of the people, to allow a climate of mutual understanding that can bring real peace in this region - said Father Sava - we believe in the principle of brotherhood, especially toward the poor who live a state of enormous uncomformity".

The meeting then continued in the hall reserved for important meetings of the Monastery of Decani, in a serene atmosphere, in perfect agreement with the day of Easter.