Moltomipiace tour

“Very much I like it, is a beautiful peace of work – said Luana Zanella , president of the Greens, engaged for years in the public service on the themes of culture, human rights and the environment - because it gives us a world to explore, where women are landmark and cultural identity and where can arise, specifically a hope to overcome the crisis and difficulties." From the Civic Museums of Treviso, this is the appeal that was launched during the presentation of the book of our Silvia Battistini.
In an elegant medieval setting, the author met Luana Zanella, author of the important book “The other war in Kosovo” and a friend of long standing of the Monastery of Decani. The event was organized thanks to the enormous work done by the Association Love and Anteas, and was followed by participation and involvement, audiovisual contributions and dialogue between the speakers. Among them Paolo Rumiz has repeatedly hovered, but was unable to attend for the continuation of professional commitments. Anyway, he was concretely present in the quotations and readings, that the spectators in Bologna already accompanied by a unique interpretation of historical events.
From Treviso, Silvia and Luana have moved in Bussolengo in the afternoon, in the room in Don Bosco parish of the Risen Christ, crowded with more than a hundred animated spectators and represented the book, with particular attention to the geopolitical reality that has led the instability in the Balkan region. After the introduction of our Matteo Zocca, who acted as a perfect host, city ouncillor with responsibility for culture Katia Facci spoke, thanking the speakers, handing a greeting on behalf of the whole community and tracing possible synergies between the city of Bussolengo and minorities of Kosovo and Metohija.
"When the serious disturbances occurred, with the destruction of the monasteries and churches - Luana Zanella has reminded us - I sat in the council of Venice and after a few months, I would have held my position as parliamentary in Rome. We realized immediately the enormity of the tragedy that was happening and without ideological barriers, we set to work immediately to try to give the right support the cause, in the name of culture, freedom of worship and the protection of our European roots. We were saddened to see that after so many years, the situation is still so tense and difficult, and it is absolutely necessary to fight , because the peace mission of the Italian Army, continuous, guaranteeing everyone the right to hope for the future." "You have to go to Kosovo and Metohija - was the appeal of the author, Silvia Battistini - direct experience is essential. Dealing with a wealth of art, culture, and traditions but also to people who are likely to disappear or to be deleted, is enlightening. The construction of a viable future passes out of our responsibility and determination to take concrete commitment, in a sign of respect, tolerance and peace."
The guests subsequently crowded an adjoining room, where they were accompanied according to the canons of traditional Balkan hospitality and courtesy Dejan and Bojana Vučenović, Uglješa Vuković , Jelica Breškić, Marijana and Dejan Kusalo, young friends of our association who organized a dinner base on the delicious courses of Serbian cuisine. All the income collected will fund charity projects in Kosovo and Metohija. At the end of the evening, guests were entertained by a lottery, where they were up for handicraft and food products from the Monastery of Decani.