News of Kristina

Kristina is the only one who can really explain how she feels. She is tired and weak, but new lymph is flowing in - that of her brother Stanko. The bone marrow transplant surgery, performed by Prof. Locatelli, was completed with no technical problems. SUCCESS! After a long cycle of chemotherapy that aimed to destroy all cancer cells, a new bone marrow was implanted through the sternum. It should begin to regenerate our Kristina.

The young patient was transferred to a sterile room, sequester from any contamination, where she will spend the period, necessary for rebuilding of her immune system and its defenses, which have been reduced to zero by therapy.

We have reached a long awaited moment, a turning point: Will our heroine manage to defeat this monster? Placing our trust into the merciful hands of God, we were sure she would manage it during the cold Belgrade January, let-alone the hot Roman summer.

We have visited the hospital with Father Petar. However, we were denied access to the sterile room due to the strict hospital protocol. Nevertheless, we wanted to be close to Kristina, we wanted to allow her to feel our love, the love of the people, committed to hope. We wanted this to be a testimony of our solidarity and the fact we are not ready to give up no matter what.

In the recent months, we have learned important lessons from her father Zoran and mother Stanka - two examples of steadfastness, love and devotion that we also found in many Serbian and Italian friends who wanted to take part in the Milutinović family ordeal.

We gifted Kristina with a small watch, with an inscription that, in our poor Serbian, reads: "malo vreme" (little time). We wrote "soon", for we have reached this story's epilog. A new era awaits Kristina once she leaves the hospital – a glorious era with no clouds and no leukemia.

We will know the final medical verdict in less than a fortnight. However the atmosphere in the team exudes confidence. We believe, as we have always believed, in a positive outcome.