During the celebration of the Holy Easter, one of the greatest Christian festivities, once again the vile and armed hand of violence was handed to a sacred place.

Unknown fearful persons, marked with spray paint the front door of the Monastery of Decani, with the name of the criminal terrorist underground ethnic Albanian army - the infamous KLA.


  • All this happened while the Hegumen of the monastery, Father Sava Janjic, had called for greater protection to the Italian Army which oversees this area for fifteen years now.
  • All this happened while Col. Sgobba, who commands the base of KFOR Villaggio Italian, had assured maximum protection to the Monastery.
  • All this happened despite the checkpoints and alerts.
  • All this happened while the Kosovo authorities were provided to show off to the world, “the renewed climate of peace in the country and planning to convene yet another interfaith conference.”

Persons, that consider themselves civilised, are tired and say ENOUGH! What kind of a tragedy must happen in order to understand the essence of the mere facts?

Can a monastery, symbol of peace, compassion and love, live with the nightmare which might present at the door? Yesterday, armed with a bazooka, today with a spray, tomorrow who knows?

Our association hopes that this latest episode of intolerance and violence, will serve as a warning to the international community, intent only to provide people with a version of events that does not meet the reality, but is functional only for the politics.

Kosovo is NOT a peaceful country; it DOES NOT WARRANT religious serenity and freedom; it TRAMPLES on the basic rights of the people.
It is UNHEARD OF, CRIMINAL, and IRRESPONSIBLE even to consider, that the peacebuilding mission has come to its legitimate conclusion.
This is the painful truth after fifteen years after the NATO military intervention.

More than ever, we are thinking of the monastery community which more than anyone knows how important are the brotherhood and empathy.