Velika Hoca is a small village, situated on the hills rich in vineyards. It is the Serbian enclave. The word is an elegant way to say a "reserve", a non-place, a place where you are discriminated against because of your race, your language, your culture. Well-finished roads, public lighting and also cinema, do not existing. Sometimes even the supply of water and electricity is problematic. The life and future of Velika Hoca, are in its young people, the ones you can meet in the street, beautiful and smiling.

They never ask for anything, they approach curiously, they have a strong desire to meet someone, to exchange a few words, to imagine that there is a world beyond the hills and the flat screen of a computer.

In this small and forgotten planet, we wanted to sow our hope, to try to bring a new season, full of respect, tolerance, joy, peace and friendship. Together with Now! Italy, we decided to organize a summer camp, to entertain the young people, but also to transform the entire enclave, in a sort of stage, that through sport, music, photography, theater and entertainment, makes this summer unforgettable.

As one of the central themes of our experience, a openness for hope, for meeting each other, sharing the joys, difficulties and opportunities. We will try to teach the faith, to witness the sharing and friendship.

From August 13 to 18, the sport and entertainment will be on scene. We will set up a beach volleyball court and we will arrange a multitude of tournaments and activities. Boys and girls will play basketball, soccer on the sand, badminton, beach volleyball. They will pull with the bow, and will have a relay races.

We will dive into the atmosphere of Hoca’s Got Talent, a special show to reward successful art exhibition.

From August 19 starts the theatrical performance Stilt Photographers, conceived by the famous photographer Monika Bulaj.

The children will learn the art of stilts and street theater.

Boys and girls will talk describe their village in a new way, discovering a new form of expression. They will join the experience of the image to that of dream and fantasy, as far as the final parade, which will take place in a beautiful location, accompanied by musicians and Balkan melodies.

This experience would not have been possible without the generous help of Abbvie, FujiFilm and Loreto Print, the companies that have supported us financially and encouraged.

We also want to thank the people, old friends and those we just met and who were on our when we nedded the most: Micaela Orsini, Marika Gherardi, Massimo Ciccone, Giorgio De Rocchis, Vito Ferrone, Cesare Gianolli, Roberto Natali, Giuseppe Orsitto.