she is born

Is it possible to explain  an emotion? Certainly. The writers are good in this, sometimes the musicians too, film directors if they are the good ones, but of course the best are the poets. Once written this introduction, seems that only thing to do is to shut down the computer e do not think anymore, but the emotions that we felt were too strong not to try to scribble something on the web. 

She is born. Jovanka’s daughter is with us. She came early in the morning, and right away she presented herself as a presumably “tough” girl. Yesterday evening the preparatory therapy  was administered to Jovanka and the childbirth was programmed around 6. But the baby did not want to wait and around 3 she started to “rumble”. The labour pains  were strong but continued for “only” a hour and twenty minutes. Around 4,20 this fantastic girl of 3,700 kg and 57 cm was born. The mother Jovanka, is obviously tired but happy, she feels well, as much as her health condition permit. She is pale from the fear but she is strong, and the doctor predict the fast recovery.

Jovanka, with the father Sica (who di not see the baby yet) and Maria, sister, and Jovan, brother, wants to thank all the Italian friends for the affection and vicinity and she expect them all to celebrate together.

We steal the photos thanks to the complicity of the obstetrician.

Whoever wants to send a message to Jovanka, can do it on the e/mail address and we will be happy to deliver it.