Ten years

Ten years ago, on the night of 17 March 2004, a reckless man-hunt broke out across Kosovo and Metohija, a hunt for the Serbs. In a couple of terrible nights, churches were pillaged, monasteries destroyed, homes burned, families expelled, cemeteries desecrated, entire districts devastated.
All this under the watchful eye of an international mission, KFOR, unable to contain the violence and deaf to the tragedy that was taking place.

Our association, remembered these events last year, through a brilliant article of Katarina Lazic (click here to read).

This year’s anniversary is round, ten years.

The question does it still serve to remember is legitimate. And above all, who has to do it?

Elena Loewenthal wrote: "remembering does not carry any hope. If this does not happen ever again, it will not be because of memory, but because of pure case." This was written for the Holocaust, but it grips perfectly to Kosmet.
From those terrible nights we have not learned any lesson, as often happens when the weight is the sacrifice of others and not of ourselves.
A fire is smoldering in Kosovo and the diplomats smile. “The theater is normalized,” “the situation stable,” are repeated like a mantra in which no one believes.

Who then should remember those days?

The Albanians, who were the architects of this terrible crime? The ones, most intellectually honest, have been driven out of their minds one of the most brutal pages of this new millennium, the others, conniving and colluding with terrorists, are annoyed by the memory and repeat like a chant: “what happened then, it might not happen now.” And no one explains why.
The Serbs? The Serb community in Kosovo and Metohija does not need an anniversary to remember a date that is etched in their personal history and in their skin. They know they are “meat gun” in a border, every day, in front of the ostentation of red flags with the black eagle, in front of the discrimination, lacking of respect for their language in the schools, health care facilities. For the Serbian Nation, the 2004 remains a terrible episode with which to contend for re- born as a modern and self-aware country.

In fact, the memory of those days, should be ours. OURS.
Of those who were present in the area with armed soldiers, unable to stop the disaster, unprecedented bound by rules of engagement.
Each day, the West, Italy, Europe should ask why the three nights of terror, a handful of terrorists managed to inflame a region as small as Abruzzo, destroying places that European identity has definitely lost.

For all of us that feel the shame just to remember these days, Friends of Decani, wants to propose an original photo montage of some of the horrible March 2004. To try to reflect, to ask with all possible humility, the only acceptable thing possible: apologize.
Apologize to those who were innocent victim.

Click here to see the clip