Ivana and her sisters

Dealing everyday with deprivation, violence and humiliation, means to compile a long lists of events, humanitarian cases, amazing stories, even if you live in Italy, even if you do not move from your everyday life.
Most of these episodes does not even make news, because usually in those places where they are realized and cultural contexts in which they occur, are sadly but normal events.

H2O KM Water for Zvezdan

Water is a common good and a fundamental human right. However, the reality is often very different. It takes an hour-long flight from Rome to discover that in civilized Europe, it should not be taken for granted. In Kosovo and Metohija, water remains a mirage, a privilege in some cases, an instrument of political struggle in others.

Welcome, Jovan

Welcome, Jovan, is the history of a specific commitment that we made ​​to the family Stanković from Orahovac - Slobodan, 28, an unemployed Serb, Jovanka, 27, a celiac disease sufferer, and their two small children, Jovan and Marija.

Let’s Help Kristina

One day someone will be forced to map the surge in leukemia and cancer in children, living in the areas of a "surgical precision bombing"; someone will have to explain why this horror took place and try to understand why was such a deadly weapon necessary since it penetrated Kristina’s cells and genes, attempting to send her to an early grave even prior to her proper birth.