Ivana and her sisters

Dealing everyday with deprivation, violence and humiliation, means to compile a long lists of events, humanitarian cases, amazing stories, even if you live in Italy, even if you do not move from your everyday life.
Most of these episodes does not even make news, because usually in those places where they are realized and cultural contexts in which they occur, are sadly but normal events.
However, there are stories and people who break the bitter and cynical awareness of the reality and that, with the strength and energy of their own individuality, break into our lives.
Ivana Maksimovic, 16 years old, from Gornje Kusce, eastern Kosovo, is one of these.
Our association got to know Ivana in a particular moment of her life: she lived in a dilapidated and inhospitable house, she had reached the end of her hope, she felt a desperate need for help.  Her greatest ambition and desire was to be able to take a shower with running and possibly warm and inhospitable.
We soon became passionate about this story and we accompanied our friend, with the help of many generous friends towards a new horizon that would enable hope for the future.
For her we have built a new home. We provided the essential services and furniture, thus making it comfortable.
While the old house collapsed, our Ivana could finally enjoy the shower that she wanted so much.
Ivana is certainly happy, we understand that from the photos, her smile, clear eyes, but like one author wrote  "...desires are the most important thing we have and you cannot tease too much. So, at times, it is worth not sleeping just to keep up with their own desire. " Ivana sleeps little and she is drawing her own desire from the stuff of dreams and turning it into concrete reality, whispering to a woman who has learned to love, our Monika Bulaj: " I want to study, I would like to become a doctor."
Ivana must earn her fortune every day, and to stand up to a life of poverty and deprivation, she must make plans: the most important is studying to become a doctor. It’s not a dream, it is a goal for which she worked for years, every day, standing in the studies and throwing in her person those basis that will support and enable it in the coming years to win a major battle, indeed, as she says, a war: a degree in a country where the main concern of the girls of her age is to find a husband before " expiring date" before crossing the fateful threshold of twenty-two, which transforms a young woman in a maid.
This is the way and the goal that Ivana has chosen for herself, the obstacle over which to launch her own heart.
It is difficult to explain how she could have built so much self-esteem to believe that she is able to face a path so different from that accorded to her peers. But perhaps to feed the perseverance and objectives of Ivana is the strength of desperation, the absolute need to give meaning to her life by escaping the material and moral degradation that has got to know so well in his few years of life.
And now at the end of the story, in his new house, Ivana is left alone, surrounded by the obvious discomfort of his family, with his own desires and goals that seem huge , with its "a few years and my heart full of fear."
Now Ivana needs to be sustained, she needs to hear encouragement, solidarity of other men and women who want to strive to build hope.
The days will come when the determination will not be enough to sustain the courage, in which the passion for the study will not be able to balance and meet the emotional difficulties that have accompanied it since birth.
These days, our task will be to be near her with a gesture and a promise, whispered with the same strength of his commitment: “little sister, we are here with you, let’s move on!"
Humanitarian project IVANA AND HER SISTERS
General objective: € 6.000.00 (six thousand/00 ).
The goal is annual but the project has a duration of six years, arguing Ivana in medical studies, the two-year funding of specialized introduction to the study of Silovo at the high school and enroll at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Mitrovica.
Each donor, competes with the minimum subscription of an annual fee of € 100.00 (hundred/00) only 8.35 € per month, payable in two installments, the establishment of the necessary economic background to the project .
The fund "Ivana and her sisters“ finances: tuition fees, purchase of books and teaching materials, off-site maintenance , travel expenses , personal objects.
Sponsors: Friends of Decani and Love Onlus.
In the spirit of our Constitution and in accordance with the values of solidarity, everyone can join this project, Associations, Private, Sports Groups , Boards, Office colleagues , school groups and religious communities .
How to donate:
by bank transfer to the account
Banca Popolare di Novara branch no. 1194
IBAN: IT62 M 05034 44250 000 000 000 043
Headed to: Andrea Lightning - Fundraiser Friends of Decani
Reason: Ivana and her sisters
For any requests, please contact our National Fundraiser Andrea Lampo, andrea@amicididecani.it Mobile +39 331 3787123, or our secretary Anna Murgia, anna@amicididecani.it Mobile +39 335 8737354.
The success of Ivana will be the success of an ethics and humanity, discounted for many of us, but is unknown in many other places in the world. There are many stories difficult to dealt with: in the meantime we have met Ivana.